Ironwood, MI Community Profile

Why Ironwood ? Ironwood provides you with raw, unrestricted access to the opportunities and adventures that matter most while preserving a quality of life that is personally fulfilling. There are those who search to have it all and those who wish to preserve it. That is Ironwood, MI. Set in the wild of the Upper Peninsula, folks here come as they are to experience the unfettered nature and stay to discover the extraordinary. Why You ? Ironwood is for active artistic, adventurous people who take pride in authentic experiences and seek an honest living. Ironwood is the destination that provides you with unlimited access to nature and a vibrant community of diverse connections, making you feel the spirit of the city and joy of adventure, while creating a place to call home. Find Your North What is it that you’re truly looking for? You can find it here. Find a path yet to be taken. Find a new shop, a great restaurant, or a new favorite trail. Find a commu- nity group and make some new friends. Find an interest in history that this great city was founded on, and the arts that are breathing new life into it today. Find your purpose; your niche; your calling. Explore our place, discover your passion, find yourself. Diverse Economy Industry The Ironwood industrial park houses a diverse set of manufacturing companies in the sectors of: Engineering, Plastic Injection molding, Fabric Production, Wood Manufacturing & Production, Electronics Manufacturing. We are also home to the world famous Stormy Kromer. Adventure North Ironwood is the premier destination for recre- ation in the Midwest. With 4 major ski resorts, hundreds of kilometers of x-country ski trails, Copper Peak International Ski Jumping, thou- sands of miles of snowmobile and ATV trails, mountain biking, expert whitewater and sea kayaking on Lake Superior and anything that you can think of, Ironwood is the place to do it. The Western UP has enough room for 5,000 visitors at one time. With easy access you can explore any adventure that is just as unique as you! Arts & Culture Arts & Culture have emerged as a driving force behind the downtown Ironwood resurgence. The hip urban core of Ironwood has a new brewery, coffee shop, 2 upscale salons, 2 artisan bakeries, and a European food store as some of the new businesses calling downtown Ironwood home. The Historic Ironwood Theatre, Down- town Art Place, the new Downtown Art Park and 906 Boom, has created an atmosphere that is inviting artists from all over; downtown is truly becoming a premier arts district. Crisp Air Clear Views Within the last 2 years Ironwood has seen it’s employment in the tech field increase substan- tially with the introduction of San Francisco based tech company Expensify. Expensify em- ployees around 200 contractors and 20 full time employees in the Ironwood area. Tech Emergence #FindYourNorth