Ironwood, MI Community Profile

The City of Ironwood has had more private investment in the past 10 years as a result of the relentless public investment. We have seen a new interest in highway commercial, downtown commercial and industrial properties. Highway commercial properties and owners are reinvesting into their properties to reflect the new enhancements. A number of enhancements are Super One Foods, Dunham’s Sports, Tractor Supply, Burger King, AmericInn, Walgreen’s, America’s Best Value Inn, and Maplewood Steak- house to name some of the major improvements. Downtown Ironwood has seen many new businesses open in the last year with many notable business- es such as Contrast Coffee, Cold Iron Brewing, Bake Superior Bread, Yooper Delights, European Treats, Zak’s Realty, Stem’s Flower Shop, Integrity Salon, About the Hair, Holm’s Hobby, NRG Fitness, and more. Our industrial park has expanded and has seen it fill up with the exception of 1 lot. New additions to the park are Xcel Energy, Gogebic County Public Works, Scandinavian Log & Timber, and the expansion of Keweenaw Land Associates and Ottawa Forest Products. Over $21 Million in 10 years which include: • $10 Million Hwy US2 reconstruction • $10 Million in local street reconstruction (95% local streets in good or excellent conditions). • $1.4 Million in downtown enhancements • $500 Thousand in new playground, parks and non motorized paths (over $1Million in non motorized paths regionally). • $550 Thousand in housing rehabilitation and blight demoli- tion. • Award Winning City of Ironwood Comprehensive Plan. Private Investment Regional Private Investment Aspirus Ironwood has invested tens of millions of dollars into a new clinic, and complete upgrades on all of their existing buildings. Highland Copper north of Ironwood will begin in the next 5 years and will employ a large amount of highly skilled people. San Fransisco based tech company Expensify recently opened up in Ironwood and now employs over 200 people. Copper Peak the worlds largest international ski flying jump is receiving a $10 million face-lift and is set to become the national training grounds for USA Nordic. Other investments at this site include Red Bull sponsored events such as the Red Bull 400 and SISU Trails Fest mountain bike race. Why Ironwood? Notable Stats • US2 has over 10,600 cars that travel per day in the City of Ironwood, making US2 the second busiest road in the Western UP. • Over 25,000 residents travel to Ironwood for grocer- ies. • The Ironwood area can support up to 5,000 over night tourists at a single time. • Many UP residents go through Ironwood to get to Duluth, Minneapolis, and many other major metro- politan areas. • Ironwood is the Western Gateway into Michigan and the UP. • The Ironwood area has hundreds of miles of motor- ized and non motorized trails, access to wold class recreation and outdoor areas, 4 major ski resorts; all of which are uniquely set in thousands of acres of forest and Lake Superior shoreline, making Ironwood the premier outdoor adventure destination in the Midwest. • Copper Peak is set to be the International ski train- ing grounds for the US Olympic team and will begin hosting meets and other events like the Red Bull 400, which draws thousands of visitors per event. • The Porcupine Mountains draw over 400,000 visitors per year; visitors mainly stay in the Ironwood area. Public and Private Investment Public Investment Find Your North ern Lights • Ironwood has hundreds of miles of cross country ski trails, hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails, new mountain bike trails at Copper Peak, Mt. Zion and Miners Memorial Heritage Park. • Average of 188” of annual snow fall.