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Public Works

The Public Works Department is located at 200 Penokee Rd. It houses the Street Division, Sewer Department, Water Department, Parks Maintenance Department, Vehicle maintenance and Cemetery.

The Hours of the Public Works Department are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Bob Richards
Public Works Supervisor
200 Penokee Rd.
Ironwood, MI 49938
Fax: 906-932-9733
The Street Department provides maintaince and repair of over 60 miles of streets, over 10 miles of alleys, numerous miles of storm sewer and culverts, isolated surface drainage and related infrastructure.

Snowplowing and removal is one of the largest and most costly services of the Streets Department. This service costs about $500,000 per winter. Each time the plow goes by your house (meaning all the streets are being plowed), the cost is about $10,000. Each time the city crew removes snow from downtown and the adjoining streets, the cost is about $16,000. The city policy on snow removal is 4 inches deep.

There are many street improvements that have been made in the last few years, and many more are in the works. The City is always looking for ways to continue to improve the streets.



Bob Richards
Public Works Supervisor
200 Penokee Rd.
Ironwood, MI 49938
Fax: 906-932-9733
The City of Ironwood Department of Public Parks Maintenance manages the park grounds and other various City owned land. Please click the following link to the City of Ironwood Parks

The City of Ironwood is located at the western end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, approximately 15 miles south of Lake Superior on the Michigan-Wisconsin border. The City encompasses 5.8 square miles or roughly 3,700 acres.

Ironwood recognizes our park and recreational opportunities as important elements of community life and health, as well as economic development. Our parks offer excellent sites for wildlife viewing, nature trails, and interpretive / educational activities. There are plenty of existing and emerging opportunities for winter and summer outdoor recreation utilizing the hilly terrain located in the City.

We offer recreational opportunities for wildlife viewing, ice skating/hockey (Pat O’Donnell Civic Center), outdoor tennis (Patterson Tennis Courts), playgrounds (Longyear Park), RV camping (Curry Park), nature areas (Norrie Park), snowshoeing and cross country skiing (Miner’s Memorial Heritage Park), downhill skiing and tubing (Mt Zion Ski Hill).

The City of Ironwood offers 15 parks to recreate in:

Curry Park (Campground)
Krznarich Little League Field
Miners Memorial Heritage Park
Depot Park
Kuitunen Park
Newport Heights Historical Marker
Downtown Pocket Park
Lake and Ayer Street Park
Norrie Park
Hiawatha Park
Longyear Park
Patterson Tennis Courts
Hiawatha Rotary Skate Park
Mt. Zion Scenic Overlook
Randa Field

Future recreational opportunities include the conversion of two railroad grades that bisect the city into trails. Both of these grades are abandoned and the tracks removed. A project is underway to bring both grades, one motorized and the other nonmotorized, into full public, recreational use. These facilities, once fully in place, will help complete and connect a larger regional trail system connecting Ironwood to Wisconsin and to our neighboring Michigan communities.

The Montreal River serves as the City’s (and State of Michigan’s) western boundary. The river flows from the south, through the City, and eventually terminates at Lake Superior. The shores of the Montreal River contain fascinating topography, vegetation and wildlife. Along this river, a hiking, biking, and snowshoeing trail has been developed. On the south end of Ironwood, Norrie Park, a 100+ acre wooded preserve, also offers a paved & boardwalk walking trail, as well as a picnic / pavilion area, a playground which was renovated in 2012, a community garden, and extended hiking/biking trails. Although generally low water conditions may limit boat use, kayaking and canoeing the Montreal from Norrie Park to Curry Park during high water periods on warm Spring days is a real thrill. For the fisherman, brookies and browns are plentiful.

Ironwood is working with our Wisconsin neighbors to develop a more comprehensive “River Walk” trail system along the beautiful Montreal River, eventually connecting the northern trails through the cities to Norrie Park to the south.

Our goal is to provide our residents along with visitors a great experience while living or visiting within the City of Ironwood.

So take the tour and enjoy the City of Ironwoods Park & Recreation page, and then go out and enjoy the scenic beauty and culture that is the City of Ironwood and join us as we embrace our motto of, “Live Where You Play”.

Parks and Recreation Committee
Park Map
Park Plan
Area Recreation
Click here to see information regarding the Riverside Cemetery.

Connie Templer
Deputy Clerk
213 S. Marquette St.
Ironwood, MI 49938
906-932-5050 x 122
Fax: 906-932-5745
Click here to see information regarding water and sewer.

Bob Tervonen
Utilities Manager
213 S. Marquette St.
Ironwood, MI 49938
906-932-5050 x 111
Fax: 906-932-5745