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Ironwood Neighborhoods

Village of Jessieville

Ironwood has many neighborhoods each unique and historic . Nestled on a hill the Village of Jessieville overlooks the greater area, once a sprawling village Jessieville is now a part of the greater City of Ironwood. Live close to work, view great vistas, and have easy access to Miners Memorial Heritage Park.


Close to Downtown Ironwood, Norrie sits on a hill overlooking the City skyline. Home to Hiawatha the Worlds Tallest Indian Statue and Norrie Park. Living in Norrie also gives you access to grant funding for housing rehabilitation, call us up today if you need some fixing on your home.


Another neighborhood located on a hill, this unique neighborhood takes you back to the old days, historic and bursting with character. A tight nit community, welcoming and rustic.

North of 2

The neighborhood North of US2 is home to many of Ironwoods newest construction of single family homes, bordering Ironwood Township and US Highway 2 this neighborhood is beautiful and located close to everything.


The largest neighborhood in Ironwood, is home to many large homes, Longyear Park, Riverside Cemetery, it is historic in nature and borders Michgan's Iron Belle Trail, Snowmobile, ATV Trails and Downtown Ironwood. Be where it all is.